“ Once you're a surfer, you're done. You're in. It's like the mob or something. You're not getting out.”

This quote by the legendary surfer, Kelly Slater, captures the passion and dedication people have for this sport. If you’ve tried surfing before, the chances are you’re already addicted and if you aren’t… welcome to Ripple! Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a total novice, we’ve got you covered.  You’ll be in the care of our expert instructors in groups of a maximum of 8, you’ll learn everything you need to get started or hone those skills. We have 2 dedicated surf packages to choose from - see what suits you best and dive in!


We have two packages for you to choose from; the 10 hour lesson and the 15 hour intensive plan. Whichever plan you chose, your qualified surf instructor will be right there with you, advising you which waves to jump on and feeding back on your technique. During the week, you’ll have a theory lesson to understand the movement of the waves, the currents and how to be safe in the water. You’ll practice what to do when you catch a wave, whilst on solid ground and all importantly how to take a wipeout with pride.  As part of the intensive course your instructor will film you out on the waves and watch it back with you. This is the best way to gain perspective on surfing and fine tune important aspects such as your posture & balance.

The sense of freedom you get when you catch your first wave is utterly addictive. You’ve been warned! Please see details and prices below.


Option 1: Learn to surf (10 hours) - £115

  • 1x Surf theory lesson

  • 5x 1h30 Surf lessons

  • 2x 2h surf lessons

  • All equipment provided


Option 2: Learn to Surf (15 hours) - £160

  • 1x Surf theory lesson

  • 4x1h30 surf lesson

  • 4x 2h surf lesson

  • All equipment provided



Private Lessons

If 15 hours isn’t enough or you prefer a one-to-one learning environment, we can arrange this dedicated time for you and or a small group.

Please contact us for prices and availability. 


For the surfing pros…

If you’re confident in the water and have enough experience to surf independently, yet don’t want to miss out on the Ripple camp experience, you are of course welcome to join us without booking surf lessons! All our equipment is for hire or you can bring your own. Surf hire is £10 / 12 Euro per day.

For the maybes…

So you’re in for the glamping, yoga & vegan experience but you’re not entirely sold on the surfing. In our experience, once you see what the ocean has to offer, you’ll want to join the party. If you are not sure when you are booking,  don’t worry, we can get you signed up to classes once you’re with us.


For the no no’s…

If surfing’s not your thing but a vegan yoga & glamping experience is, you’re more than welcome to join as well! the same thing goes if you want to bring a buddy who prefers to lie on the beach and get a tan...We won’t judge! There is also swimming, cycling, kayaking beautiful hikes and plenty of other activities to keep you occupied during your stay at Ripple.  If none of these take your fancy, we always have a great tipple or two at our Tiki bar!