As lovers of all things earth and sea, we couldn’t offer anything but an eco friendly surf camp. Being in the water all day and sleeping under the stars, we want to protect the environment that gives us so much. Here’s a list of everything we do:   

± 1 Plastic Free


Our camp is ‘single-use’ plastic free. In all other aspects, we’ve tried to minimise plastics as much as possible, even down to our canvas tents!

±4 Vegan

Going vegan is the single biggest act we can do to protect our environment. That’s why, absolutely no animal products are used on the camp, this even comes down to the glue in your surfboards!

±2 Recycled


 All waste is sorted and recycled as much as possible and we utilize recycled materials where we can.

±5 Organic & Locally sourced


All foods are Organic and GMO free which means no pesticides to harm our environment or you! We source local produce to reduce our carbon footprint which means its fresh and doesn’t cost our planet in transporting it to your plate!

±3 Eco Materials


We’ve sourced the most eco-friendly equipment – from surfboards made from recycled materials to our neoprene-free wetsuits. We only use water soluble inks on anything that’s printed and wash the linens in natural detergents to name a few.

±6 Eco Store

We have a little eco store on site in case you forget any necessities such as sun tan lotion or you fancy a t-shirt for your wardrobe.